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I was hoping there would be somebody with a kind understanding heart, and at least help me find help before March 31st so i wont lose the only thing I have my home over 1,500.00 propery taxes. Even though he toally tore it up and memories make me cry seeing holes punched in walls every where torn down cupboards floor coming up in 2 rooms, someday I will be able to fix it, and not be embarrassed but thats the least of my worries right now, I cant sleep not knowing whats going to happen, its very stressful.

Its hard to save anything when i have a mortgage to pay also. and I cant even get help from the state they said they cant pay just 1 year of back propery taxes they have to pay all the years thats due and it goes over the 2,000 they allowed and only give me 10.00 a month for food help, my husband was having all the water bills tacked on to the property taxes from 2004-2007 unknown to me, I didnt know unil after he passed away I was unware you could even do that he was not living at the home and siad he was paying bills but wasnt and wasnt even paying the mortgage I didn know that eiher until 2 months before he passed away I almost lost my home then but got 7,000 in isurance and used it all to pay the arrearage.The only reason I didnt lose it sooner because he wasnt paying is because he had it in a chapter 13 STAY period for 6 months, and I didnt know he even did a chapter 13 andd i was told by thee lawyer that handled that for him afer hee passed away that my husband didnt have to let me know, because he was signing his name off the debt of the Mortgage,

but back to propery taxes I managed to pay 2004 at the end of march 2006 dead line date. but I just cant get it all this time. I had to use monies through the year to pay his cremation bill. If I can get through this year I can pay payments through the year for 2006 and 2007 i owe but 2005 is due now.

I get 1.60.00 a month and even though I will have nothing left until April, I was going to use the 1,60.00 to pay but that still leaves me short 400.00 and I cant get it anwhere and it hurts and despessing that i might lose home over that,  im not a begger and it took me a long time to even swallow my pride to post. but no one even took the time to respond. You give and give to help others and when you need help you cant find it. But what ever happens I will never give up on kind people they just didnt see my post.

I need so much more I was left with nothing but bills and a broken heart but i like to be a strong person and hope to get through it but sometimes you need a little help and hope there are some who can understand and give you a chance. I have tried and tried and lenders will not give me that for reasons I posted in my first post.

As my mom taught me always help and give when you can not because it makes you  feel good but because its the right thing to do, I have lived by that. Shes gone now to  breast cancer but she lived by her words.  The last helpful thing she did before she died even though she was in pain was help a poor man pick up pop cans a long side the road .....GOD BLESS HER HEART....... 

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I lost my retired husband age 52 in 2006 due to a heartattack and he also had cancer, He was a big drinker everyday and night. He was not living at the home for the last years of his life and was supposed to be paying the bills. I was a stay at home mom so I had no income, about 3 months before he passed away he told me he did a chapter 13 and in 3 more months it would be out of the stay period, he had included the home in this and sign his part of the mortgage away but my name still remained but he had not paid on the Mortgage payments for 7 months before he did the chapter 13 unknown to me. When he passed away I went through papers he had and found the lawyer he used for the chapter 13 and I called her and asked how could he do this without me signing anything (the chapter13) I was told he didnt need to because he was signing away his responsibility to the Mortgage, I ask her when the stay was up and I was told any day. I right away called the Mortgage lender and talked this out with them the papers for foreclosure was on their desk ready to go to their lawyer but had not yet and I ask if I could pay the arrearage and was told yes, so I use the small insurance check I got from what he had from he had work, I was so glad I had that check to pay for that and at least i would not lose my home.

I soon found out He also was having the water bill tagged to the property taxes which was years 2004-2006. I had no idea of any of this until he passed away, I managed to pay 2004 and now IM trying to pay 2005 and its not looking good it 1,400 and I have until March 31st 2008 I only get half of what he was getting from his retirement 1,60.00 The County can't help me (DHS) because they said they have to pay all back property taxes due they cant just pay 1 year and it goes over the amount they allow of 2,000.

IM trying hard to pay everything my Mortgage with is only 289.00 a month but its very hard to do everything on small amount I get seeing I have other bills also and have to eat I can only get 29.00 a month in food help from the county, and no cash help. I also was left with a home that is really bad holes all over in walls from being punched by him and big windows with air leaks in all windows, no proper flooring its all come up broken cupboards that look embarrassing and its just the whole house it looks so bad IM embarrassed to have any1 over. The basement is full of stuff if something wasn't any good he would throw it down there and thru the years its just pack with junk that's no good. I cant even buy clothes or other things I need, its really bad

I cant need any credit at all because he wasn't paying anything and when I was paying for my credit that was in my name I no longer that the funds when he left the home, I was getting no money from him only a few here and there to get some food but not enough of that to get thru the month. No one will touch me and all I want is a chance to either get a loan so I can fix the house up just enough to have it look nice, and pay off bills such as property taxes and catch Mortgage up 3 months worth. I know this sounds unreal but I can supply pictures of rooms throughout my home as embarrassing as it is, but I have to do something Im so depressed and dont want to do anything far as going places, just so unhappy and losing my husband also even though we was not living together and all he did I still feel bad today because he died and im just lost to all, and don't know what to do im scared I might lose my home if things don't get better, even though its not much its all I have.

Does anyone have any help or idea how I can do this? I need help fast and I just can't seen to find any.

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